Courtney Taylor Started out in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry 10 years ago as a promoter for his brother's tour


Courtney Taylor, a advance computer specialist with an association Degree in Computer Business Management and

Completion of all Core Subjects from Florida University Bachelor Degree Program . This gave him the edge to build his own

website and market his company after leaving his job as a Information Technology Teacher at a Tourism and Hospitality

Institute. Starting out with a 4 seated car he came up with the idea of Private Tours. Private Tours allows family and friends

to travel alone, get a personal guide, no rush with the mass crowds and get to customized their tours last minute and so

Courtney Taylor Private Tours Jamaica was formed.

Over the years this idea as grown and more returning guest are seeking to do private rather than go with a big group on tours.

Courtney Later realized his service was quickly growing and would later recognized he needed help. He ventured out on finding the

best and most reliable guides on the island, today has compiled 10 top guides to offer his personalized service. Today they top most of

the highly rank reviews site such as Cruise Critics and Trip Adviser. Many new comers in the tour industry realized that

Courtney's ideas was something to try and now we have a number of guides offering private tours. Private Tours is the way to go for a real experience in Jamaica        



Dunn's River Falls, Falmouth, Blue Hole, Bob Marley, Ocho Rios Jamaica



With Over 9 years expieriences in the Tourism Industry we know what it takes to satisfy our guess needs. We offer the top personal service to our guess and the best way for them to see our Island through a locals eye. Our speedy staff will get you booked in minutes and are available to 24 hours to answers any questions you might have. You can't go wrong with Courtney Taylor Private Tours when you are in Jamaica. 


Courtney Taylor C.E.O

Samatha Stewart Manager/Admin Rep./ Tourguide

Kacian Williams Admin Rep/ Tourguide/Blogger


Senior Tour Operators

  1. Courtney Taylor

  2. Devon Willims

  3. Lousan Haye AKA Dean

  4. Errol Bowen

  5. David Forsyght

  6. David Willians

  7. Mellovan Williams

  8. Errol Williams

  9. Marsha Buzzard

  10. Kameka Ruddock

  11. Courtney Humphrey

  12. Orville Taylor

  13. Horace Taylor

  14. Karl-Lynton Mclean




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